From From the Trees to the Stars

You might not believe in evolution, but that's OK. Evolution doesn't depend on Belief for its existence. Evolution is going on all around you, all the time, whether you believe in it or not.

Now many people are a little confused about what evolution actually is. We're used to thinking that evolution is the opposite of creationism and that therefore belief in evolution and belief in God are mutually exclusive.

But evolution is not the opposite of creationism. Evolution is just a process that people have observed in the world around us. In much the same way that melting is a process.

You can certainly use evolution as a very plausible alternate explanation for the various variants of creation, but even if it's true that God created the Universe and everything in it in 6 days, things in the universe can still be seen to evolve.

By all means, you can refute the theory that apes evolved into humans, if you find that idea implausible or unpalatable. Instead just look at how language, music and fashion are all changing, all the time. That's evolution in action.

Many people also confuse evolution with progress. But evolution doesn't inherently involve improvement. Just look at language, music and fashion and you'll see that evolution isn't always a change for the better.

Evolution happens whenever things reproduce and, in the process of reproducing, change.

But again, let's not get stuck on a biological definition of reproduction. Reproduction doesn't necessarily mean making babies, it means making copies.

For instance I can copy an mp3 of a song as many times as I want, but since it doesn't change each time it gets copied, it doesn't evolve. However if I perform the song myself and put in online and then someone else hears it and records their own version of it, it's evolving. If that process continues and we end up with 100 versions of the song on the internet and one of them becomes a hit, well then that's survival of the fittest.