From the Trees to the Stars

From From the Trees to the Stars

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The benefits of having COMPETITION drive human progress are increasingly outweighed by the lack of cooperation towards humanity's shared goals.

As far as we know so far, HUMANITY represents the most sophisticated biological, sociological and technological manifestation in the universe.

This is the result of millions of years of EVOLUTION, coupled with some incredibly fortuitous circumstances, against staggering odds.

We owe it to ourselves, our ancestors and our descendants to continue to progress; continue to evolve; to expand and propagate the KNOWLEDGE we've accumulated.

There is a limit to how long the EARTH can sustain human habitation - even if we don't poison the biosphere, deplete all the natural resources or annihilate ourselves.

We must invest more of our diminishing resources on exploring and colonizing SPACE before the demands of sustaining life on Earth outstrip supply.

Competition got us down from the trees, but only COOPERATION can take us to the stars.

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