From From the Trees to the Stars

As a species, we have accumulated so much information that it is impossible for any individual to grasp in its entirety.

This information derives from various sources: the historic record, scientific research, philosophical interpretation and our imagination.

Most of these sources are biased and unreliable and therefore much of the information is contradictory, but without it, we would cease to function.

We also carry within us a body of knowledge that we have yet to learn how to fully interpret, our DNA, which is a record of millions of years of evolutionary trial and error.

Our DNA contains instructions for assembling each of us, but also instructions for thousands of now-obsolete biological components that helped our ancestors survive.

The biosphere of the planet is a vast repository of genetically complex organisms, with much data in common, but also each with unique variants.

The loss of biodiversity and the de-prioritization of education and science threaten to stall the expansion of our knowledge, even as spurious data threatens to overwhelm it.