To The Stars

From From the Trees to the Stars

Fermi's Paradox asks: "How come, in a big, old universe in which there must be other, more advanced civilizations, we haven't encountered intelligent extra-terrestrial life?"

If not out of sheer curiosity, then eventually dire necessity should force any sufficiently old and technologically advanced civilization to migrate from its home planet.

The Great Filter posits that somewhere on the path from evolving life to developing interstellar travel is a barrier, so difficult to overcome that it ends almost all attempts.

The Rare Earth Hypothesis counters that the sequence of favourable circumstances that has enabled our development to reach this point is vanishingly improbable.

We can only guess at the chances of any two advanced civilizations encountering each other in the vastness of space.

But so long as we limit our exploration of the universe to what can be observed from Earth, or relayed back by obsolete unmanned probes, we limit scientific advancement.

And so long as our entire species remains isolated to the Earth, we are vulnerable to extinction.